Perimeter Pest

Our Perimeter Pest Program is a four step program which treats the perimeter of your house to prevent insects from invading your home. Our technician will be spraying five to six feet around the house and four to five feet up the foundation. The product we use will eliminate insects that come in contact with the treated area. The application will last approximately two months depending on weather conditions. The products we use to control these insects are safe to pets, plants, humans, and your home’s exterior. It will not stain your house or driveway.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has passed scientific review of the safety and effectiveness of our products. Our product is of the highest quality. We use it at a low, safe rate on a wide range of insects. It results in a long-term control and effectiveness. For the best results, at least three or four applications are highly recommended to terminate the vast majority of insects. One treatment will eliminate the insets present at that time; however, it will not prevent insects from reoccurring at a later date. Please note the treatment will not control insects inside the house, life cycles of insects may vary from season to season, and certain insects may enter the house without coming in contact with our pest control products (I.E. houseflies).

The prices are $52.00 an application, unless your get three or more treatments and the price is reduced to $44.00 per application. Our first application is done during the months of April and May, our second application is done during the months of June and July, the third is done in August and September, and the fourth application is done in October and November. Please call for more information.


Did you know…

…90% of the insects in your home come in from the outside?

…by receiving perimeter pest control, ,you can reduce the amount of household insect products by 70%?

…household insect products can be harmful to children and pets if they are used incorrectly?

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